A young couple from Sveti Ivan Zelina decided to get married on Pag! Why!? Everybody was surprised and kept asking us why exactly Pag. Those who don't know us would ask “Which of you is from Pag?“. After we answered that both of us are from the heart of Prigorje they were even more perplexed.

Our story goes back to 2009 when we fell in love exactly in the spring. The relationship was great until I said to my boyfriend, currently husband, that I was going on summer vacation on Pag in June, which was very soon, and that I was going to be absent for a month. He just asked how we would live without each other. The answer was very simple and clear - Come to Pag and enjoy with me! And so it was. For my husband summer vacation meant a maximum period of a week, but when he came to, I can freely call it  now “our island“, the summer vacation became a period of minimum three weeks spent on Pag. However, we did not come to Pag to hang around Zrće, but to enjoy the beauties of our island.

In 2015 we decided to move on in our relationship. Of course, we made that decision during our summer vacation on Pag, so we did not think twice before deciding on having our wedding exactly on Pag, in our Novalja with our closest people.

Our families were shocked and they could not understand why we were doing that. They tried to talk us out of that insane idea, but we clung to it.

We wanted to keep the tradition of Croatian wedding customs, and yet make a step further. On our wedding day we met for the first time at the altar, we did not have a line of wedding guests coming for the bride, while I was walking down the aisle the church choir was singing “Now that you came“, and on our way out of church the choir was singing songs by our beloved Oliver Dragojević . The surprise after the ceremony was a traditional Dalmatian acapella band, and together with our guests we had a fabulous time watching the sunset which is the most beautiful there on Pag. If somebody reads this they might wonder why this place is so different, but believe me, people from the heart of Prigorje were shocked, because there were no wedding customs they had been used to ;-)

However, if you ask us nothing can replace our Novalja, kilometers of drystone walls, a view at grazing sheep, the smell of immortelle and olive trees along with wonderful sunsets from the pearl of the Adriatic. We were convinced that it would be best to have our wedding as a symbol of our infinite love exactly at the place we both love and where we always returned with a pinch of excitement. And so it happened.

We pledged our love on 6 May 2016 in the Saint Catherine Church in Novalja. It was exactly how we planned it. A beautiful sunny spring day on our island, filled with smells coming from herbs in full blossom. We were as happy as one can be.

Thanks to the guys from Fidelis studio we captured the memories of our most beautiful day forever. In this way I would like to thank them for the great job they did, because they recorded all the charms of our island and fitted our love story into all of it. Hrvoje, Jura, Lj(Josip) and Dino, we were honored by your consent to be a part of our story, and by a great wedding party...We will never forget how much effort you put into it, and even though we were all exhausted and tired of taking pictures all over the island, it was you who lifted our spirits and made marvelous videos and photos in the most beautiful place in the world for us, our Pag.

Written by the bride