It was a beautiful Split day and a wonderful Split night. These are the words that depict Lucija and Luka's wedding best. Vila Dalmacija is located in the town at the foot of the hill Marijan, the place that the wedding couple chose for their wedding served as  perfect stage scenery for taking photos of their perfect day.

Lucija and Luka were surrounded by their families and friends who witnessed their pledge of love in one of the most beautiful towns in Dalmatia. Fidelis studio accepted their invitation and went on a journey to Split in order to create memories of the day of great importance to Lucija and Luka, and of the night filled with love and lively atmosphere. The photos and the video will tell their story for long, and we are waiting for a new wedding invitation.  It is love that makes not only the world go around, but also Fidelis, so for the sake of love we come to destinations you choose <3

Wedding planner: Lela Design
Wedding design: Lela Design
Photography and video: Fidelis studio
Location: Split, Vila Dalmacija
Music band: Ivica Bago